Windrush Valley

Brand design, packaging design

A new manufacturer of wild bird food asked for a brand identity. Once the winning design had been chosen, the next task was to design the product packaging and labelling. The packaging is 100% recyclable, with windows so the feed inside can be seen. The two windows and the label collectively make up a thought bubble coming from the two hand-drawn birds that make up the logo emblem, implying that the food is so good it’s all the birds think about. The design of the packaging had to be such that the various bag sizes consisted of the same design and the coloured name labels were stuck on afterwards to identify what feed type was on offer. This way, the seed range could be kept seasonal without impacting on the production of the packaging. We also produced a range of stationery, some in-store point of sale and some pallet graphics so the pallet could act as a display stand.