Web design & build

Suiko are a lean consultancy specialising in operational excellence. We were asked to design a website that was easy to use and aesthetically pleasing. We wanted the site to be informative and for it to give Suiko the image of knowledge and confidence that they deserved, as well as looking friendly and approachable. The site uses a simple CMS and has the option of adding video as well as a live twitter feed. The site is responsive, so it looks great on all devices.

You can enjoy looking at our delightful ‘website on a tablet’ shots, but it’s probably just best to check out the actual website



We are so pleased with the new Suiko website, feedback from our team and our clients has been unanimously positive. Tom’s quiet confidence and artistic flair won us over, his eye for detail and style has impressed us all, he combines this with a professional focus ensuring the project is delivered on time and to budget