Brand design, marketing, instore graphics

Creating a brand identity for a new Bubble Tea store right in the centre of Southgate, the new shopping destination in Bath, was an exciting task. The target demographic being students and tourists, we wanted to create something cool and fun. One of the main attractions instore is a virtual graffiti wall, so we decided to design something that played around the theme of street art.

We created a logo that echoed the tone of a graffiti tag. The logo had a primary style and then a secondary filled in style, that could in essence be a holding device for  all kinds of patterns, textures and imagery.

Once the brand had been created, we then set to work on designing all the instore graphics, menu boards, kick boards, counter wraps, packaging, t-shirts, marketing collateral to name a few, including illustrating patterns and characters (the suck, chew, yum dragons).

The marketing posters spilled out into Southgate peppering lift doors, pay machines and car park barriers.

This was a fantastic project to be part of and one we are extremely proud of.


Artwork Solutions, Emtone